Sun Quincunx Lilith Synastry

October 11, 2022 0 Comments

Sun conjunct North Node synastry
Although many might be tempted to antagonize these aspects on a Sun-Lilith aspect, they should realize the aspects represent a wide range of emotions, both positive and negative. A quincunx to a “dashing” Satan gives a strong sense of individualism which some might find thrilling or attractive.

Yet, while likes and attraction might develop naturally for someone with such strong qualities, there is also a common conflict between the two. The same applies to the grace and freedom of a Lilith-Venus pairing – opposites but potentially strongly complementary.

In other words, while the Sun and Lilith might not be in a good long-term relationship, there’s a good chance they’ll be a lot of fun in somebody’s younger years. And even if you have a long-term bond with someone born under this aspect pairing, there will also be lots of drama.

The Sun quincunx Lilith synastry always triggers when one partner is expressing Cancerian qualities and the other partner is expressing Leo qualities in the relationship. You can also find the effect going in the other direction, with partners of opposite signs expressing those qualities.

With the Sun-Lilith aspect, we’re probably working with two individuals who are within or expressing their “patterns” and going to “capture,” the best marriage descriptions i can think of. When we get into trigger and cause, however, it’s not quite so clear cut.

A conflict can be as simple as one partner’s irritation by the other partner’s possessiveness. Sun trine Lilith synastry are expressing Leo-Neptune expressions, while the other partner is expressing Cancer-Venus expressions. Hope that’s helpful to understand the Sun quincunx Lilith in synastry chart.

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